NOTES: THIS IS A FEATURELESS RIFLE LOWER. It complies with California's assault weapon band (THIS IS NOT AN ASSAULT WEAPON). The stock does not retract It can be adjusted to desired length. With a tool The rifle grip is angled so the web of your finger is above the trigger line (COMPLIES AS A NON PISTOL GRIP TO CALIFORNIA LAW). With those two features on the lower only, I installed the factory MAG release button (NO BULLET BUTTON). With these features you do not need to register this as an assault weapon for 2017 and beyond YOUR UPPER CAN NOT HAVE A FLASH HIDER. SPECIFICATIONS: Platform: Featureless California Compliant AR-15 Model: AM-15 Material: Machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum Coating: Black Anodized Markings: Cal Multi Quantity: In stock L.A.M. SPECIFICATIONS: L.A.M. Non-retractable stock L.A.M. Rifle grip which holds the web of your finger above the trigger line Original MAG release button installed

Ledesma Arms AR15 Featureless Lower

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