M1919A4 Model 2 (California Legal)
  • M1919A4 Model 2 (California Legal)

    -M1919A4 Belt Fed Rifle with A6 parts kit. This unused vintage kit includes bipod, carrying handle Izzy, and rifle stock.
    -Built by Wells Custom Gunmakers
    -Made from an original 1919 Browning belt fed machine gun. U.S.CAL.30 which is a 7.62x51/308 Converted to a semi automatic belt fed for civilian use. Legal to own in California. Brand new and unfired. 


    -M1919A4 Belt Felt Rifle with unused A6 vintage (bipod, carrying handle Izzy, and rifle stock).
    -100 Rounds of Ammo(Not Pictured)
    -100 Rounds of Links (Not Pictured)

    -Hard Plastic Case

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